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Saltwater Aquariums Without the Tank - An Aquarium in a box

Improve the waiting room experience with a stress reducing, one of a kind feature.

No Fish to feed

No Maintenance

Just plug in and play

Turn Any TV from into nature's most beautiful saltwater aquarium.

Lowers blood pressure, lowers anxiety, watch fish in their natural environment like never before seen.

What Fish Do When No One is Around

Unique, Environmentally Friendly

UNtanked is a unique one-of-a-kind virtual aquarium produced in stunning 4K Ultra High Definition Quality. No fish or coral were taken or harmed creating UNtanked, making UNtanked the most eco friendly alternative to a traditional aquarium.

Beautiful & Relaxing

Watch what fish do when no one is around! UNtanked is special due to it being created underwater without a human camera operator or any humans in the area! Our divers obtain permits from NOAA to setup a special underwater "stage" and then leave the area to allow the fish and marine life to interact naturally.

1 minute to setup and  ZERO maintenance

Turn any flat-screen TV into the finest saltwater aquarium, with zero maintenance needed. Simply plug UNtanked into any HDMI port on a flat screen tv, UNtanked starts automatically and runs continuously unattended!

Loved World-Wide

Used by multiple organizations world-wide, including the Smithsonian, Nordstrom, Cancer Hospitals, Dentist Offices, State of Hawaii and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

UNtanked System on Display at Kona, Hawaii Government Civic Center
Nordstrom Department Store        UNtanked Aquarium

Footage From Stunning Vistas

*resolution is much higher on actual included player




"It reduces stress for both our patients and our Doctors, which actually was proven with lower blood pressure's. It is so calming watching underwater creatures behave in their natural habitat, without external influences. It is also, a fun search for hidding creatures and naming the different species. We have both the Hawaii reef as well as the Florida keys reef series. It is interesting how they each document the health of the reefs at a certain point in time. We have had them for 6 years and never tire of watching."


Dr. Sandy Pape, DDS

Lead Dentist and Owner of Isle Smile in Key West, Florida

The Best Saltwater Aquarium

All the benefits of a saltwater aquarium without the harm to the environment, or the ongoing cost and maintenance!

Doctor Office/Operatory Rooms

Office Buildings



Waiting Rooms

Restaurants & Bars



Retail Stores




  • How did UNtanked start?
    UNtanked started as a group effort to lessen the demand of traditional saltwater aquariums. By doing this, we hope to lower the stress that is placed on the coral reef caused from fish collection required to supply traditional aquariums. We have seen firsthand the dramatic decline of areas where the tropical fish are being captured both legally and illegally. UNtanked is the best way to observe the tropical fish in their natural environment without ANY human presence. UNtanked is a unique project that is sure to add beauty and calming to any environment it is placed in.
  • How does the aquarium work?
    The UNtanked aquarium is truly plug and play, everything is included. Within 1 minute you can convert any flat screen tv with an HDMI input into a unique stunning virtual saltwater aquarium. All you have to do is plug 1 included HDMI cable into the tv, and plug the UNtanked power supply into an outlet, that’s it! The UNtanked aquarium is fully automatic, it will auto start and run continuously all day and night 24/7 completely unattended. Perfect for any environment.
  • How does UNtanked look in person?
    UNtanked is in such a high resolution that it is very common for people to tap the glass on the TV to “touch” the fish! It truly is an aquarium replacement! UNtanked is living art that you will not find anywhere else.
  • How long does it take to make an UNtanked volume?
    It takes a team of scuba divers over 200 hours underwater to make 1 UNtanked aquarium tank. This translates to approximately 2 entire years to create just one UNtanked aquarium tank. 90% of the trips to the reef and spending an entire day out there do not make the cut. We have to have the perfect conditions and timing for tropical fish, corals, natural sunlight, visibility, etc.
  • Is UNtanked suitable to display continuously in a commercial environment?
    Yes! That is exactly what UNtanked was designed for! UNtanked is shot on 4K Ultra High Definition equipment in custom underwater housings, this quality is 4 times higher than Blu-Ray. And without any moving parts to breakdown, the UNtanked aquarium can run 24/7 without maintenance. The UNtanked system takes up almost no space, it is less than 4 inches wide and 1/2 inch thick. It fits discretely behind any flat screen and uses almost no power. UNtanked has been on display at famous locations such as the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. NOAA main building on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and more!
  • What are the benefits of UNtanked versus a traditional aquarium?
    There are numerous benefits of owning and displaying an UNtanked aquarium versus a traditional aquarium. Below are just a few. Much Lower Cost: UNtanked aquariums cost much, much less! No cleaning, no dying fish, no food, no water changes, no maintenance at all, ever!! Even a small 90-gallon saltwater aquarium can cost many thousands of dollars to build and hundreds of dollars a month to maintain. In order to give you the best quality UNtanked experience, we have to make literally hundreds of scuba dives, at varying times of day and at many different locations, to find just the right combination of fish variety and species as well as natural coral. Environmental Benefits: No fish or corals were removed or harmed creating UNtanked, versus the tremendous damage and stress tropical fish collecting causes every day. Here are just a few articles: UNtanked is the BEST way to enjoy the beautiful fish and corals while leaving the environment intact for future generations of fish to thrive. Click any of the links below to learn more: Hawaii Lets Aquarium Biz Destroy Stocks, Environmentalists Say Counting Nemo: A Deep Look at the Aquarium Trade Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for Ending the Commercial Collection of Hawaii’s Reef Wildlife for Aquariums
  • How do I get it / How much does UNtanked cost?
    Please contact us with your quantity needs and we will provide you with current pricing and availability. We custom build and test every UNtanked system per order. You may contact us directly at 800-793-7107 or fill out the contact form on the contact page.
  • How long does the UNtanked aquarium run before it repeats?
    Each UNtanked aquarium will run with unique scenes for 4 full hours before it starts over and repeats, your customer, patients, and viewers will never see the same thing twice!
  • What is the warranty policy?
    All UNtanked systems come with an unconditional 1-year warranty free replacement if it ever fails during the warranty period. We have UNtanked systems for running for over 7 years without failing, and still going strong! All with zero monthly costs or maintenance!
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